In order to improve the fire awareness of all employees of the company, enhance the emergency response ability and self-protection ability of all employees in emergencies, so that each employee can learn a certain fire emergency rescue knowledge, be familiar with and learn to use fire-fighting equipment, be able to master fire escape skills and precautions in case of fire accidents, etc., at 15:00 on November 7, 2021, the company organized all employees to carry out a fire emergency plan drill.

The fire drill was led by Mr.Li , the HR and administrative supervisor of the company, who was responsible for organizing and directing the drill. The drill was divided into four groups: emergency command group, emergency rescue group, on-site monitoring group, and logistics support group. Each group conducted the drill based on the feasibility of the “Fire Emergency Plan” drafted by the company. At 15:00, each group quickly arrived at the position after receiving the instructions, In the shortest possible time, all employees should follow the command of the on-site commander and evacuate orderly along the designated route from the workshop and offices in accordance with the predetermined plan. The team leaders quickly and orderly evacuated all on-site personnel to the Anzen Chitai of the company’s parking lot. The whole process took five minutes. After the parking lot, all employees gathered together, Seriously studied how to use fire extinguishers correctly and explained and practiced how to extinguish fires.

Through this exercise, all employees have improved their safety awareness, gained a deeper understanding of fire safety knowledge, and improved their emergency response ability to respond to emergencies. Most employees at the exercise site can effectively organize and quickly respond to fire accident alarms. The leaders of each rescue team can effectively organize employees to evacuate and alert and participate in firefighting operations. All employees have mastered a certain level of fire safety knowledge, It has enhanced the ability to cope with emergencies and self-protection. They also have a clearer understanding of fire fighting knowledge and the use of fire fighting equipment, and have mastered the escape skills and relevant precautions in case of fire, which is very helpful for dealing with emergencies in the future. In particular, the on-site organization ability and emergency response ability of each emergency team have also been exercised, basically achieving the purpose of fire drill.